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Since the very beginning of its history, the young people at Fazenda da Esperan├ža are not living from money of their parents, but from their own work. Every community is trying to establish working areas, which can provide the necessary income for the needs of the community. Once a month everybody would sit together to take a look at the accountability, how much did we spent for food, energy, water etc. and how much did we earn with our work. In this way they are learning about the value of their work and are becoming responsible for their lives.

Milk Products

Milk Products
Still during the first months of the mission in Masbate, we asked ourselves during breakfast, why we should drink powder milk having so many heads of cattle here. So we started to milk some of them, at from that time on, we always had fresh milk for our own consumption. Since we also offered milk to our visitors, more and more people were asking us to supply them also, and little by little we started to sell some liters to some friends. First in empty soft drink bottles, but soon we realized that we had to buy new plastic bottles, because milk is very easy to spoil. The sales were continuously increasing; a big boost was the idea to offer also flavored milk.
Milk Products
Today we are selling milk in bottles of one liter and 250ml, pure white milk, but also with choco, mango, strawberry, buko pandan, melon and ube flavor. We are supplying different outlets in Masbate City and a number of regular costumers. Some of them are even coming all the way to Fazenda to buy milk. 
Milk Products
Beside the milk, also mozzarella cheese, white cheese, butter, yoghurt and other dairy products are made at Fazenda.
In October 2010 we inaugurated a Dairy Coral at Fazenda Masbate, allowing us to produce the milk in a clean, well organized and proper place, using a milking machine. For the total area of the Coral is covered, now the milking can be done without hassle under whatever weather conditions.



Same as with the milk, we started to plant vegetable for our own consumption, but more and more people tasted it, and wanted to buy it. So we increased the area of our garden, and are now regularly selling vegetable.

Meat Products

Meat Products

Fazenda Naga is producing different Meat Products, using German technology, ingredients and flavoring, for from the beginning this production was supported with machines, materials and know-how by the Fazenda community in Germany, which has a well equipped Meat Processing Plant.


Je sauberer die Buendel, desto schneller spaeter das Verpflanzen
When we arrive at Fazenda Masbate, some 10ha of rice fields were already established. It took us a while to learn how to plant rice, but with the help of our friend Eng. Jonel Orteza from the Department of Agriculture in Masbate, little by little we could improve our productivity, we established more rice fields, irrigation dams, stock rooms, drying pavements, mechanical dryer and a rice mill. Today we have planted around 15ha of rice, mostly irrigated. We are trying to implement also organic farming technologies, like vermi composting.

For the boys at Fazenda, the work in the rice fields is a wonderful way of learning the value and the dignity of our work, many of them experience here for the first time the joy and peace after a hard day's work in the rice fields, planting or harvesting with the brothers – and also the sacredness of rice, staple food of all Filipinos, that is planted with so much sacrifices.


Bakery Products

Backery Products
Fazenda Masbate and Naga produce different Bakery Products, Cassava Cake, Cookies, Carrots Cake, Muffins etc. The sisters, especially Sr Saula are assisting with a lot of love and patience.

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